January 22, 2021

Expanded Use Of SingaporeHome Oxygen Therapy Could Save Lives

By John Vorhaus

Two recent Large scale studies of the effects of long-term home oxygen therapy have been established during the last year from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NFLBI) and the non-profit research firm the Rand Corporation. Although oxygen treatment has been available for a long time, it has benefits are becoming more widely understood.  Late last Year, the NHLBI introduced the largest randomized clinical trial of the efficacy and security of long-term home oxygen therapy for COPD patients. The $28 million, 6-year project will examine patients with moderate lung disease. The study will involve approximately 3,500 patients across with moderate COPD to ascertain whether home oxygen therapy will help patients continue with longer and more active lifestyles. Contract awards were given to 14 field sites to conduct the analysis.

About 12 Million adults in the USA have been diagnosed with COPD, while another 12 million have been accepted to be curable. Roughly 1 million COPD patients are currenty receiving oxygen treatment. Studies show that Americans with chronic obstructive lung disease obtained only 55 percent of recommended care. A lot of people who have COPD do not even know they have it. They dismiss the main symptom, shortness of breath, as an indicator of aging or being out of shape. The Rand study estimated that 27,000 to 54,000 annual deaths in the USA from COPD might have been diminished by proper oxygen usage.

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The Rand Study also determined that only 32 percent of COPD patients with baseline hypoxia got home oxygen treatment for regular management. James Kiley, PhD., Director of the NHLBI, remarks: As the population ages, the amount of people affected by COPD is on the ascent. It is more imperative than ever that we find remedies that will improve the health and function of patients with chronic lung diseases, by way of instance, COPD.

One of the Most popular procedures of getting home oxygen therapy singapore is the oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators essentially plug into a standard electrical outlet, Eliminating the necessity for oxygen tanks and conveyances. Portable oxygen Concentrators offer considerably increased mobility; some versions can be connected To your car’s accessory outlet or may be used with re-chargeable batteries. The Inogen One is a portable oxygen concentrator with these innovative capabilities.