June 1, 2021

Karate for Teens – How to Achieve Your Winning?

By John Vorhaus

Karate, as the expression means empty hand, suggests the best way to control and Tame mind which constantly gallops forth losing its own rhythms. Karate has its source in the Zen Buddhist principle See things as they are. First and foremost a Karate practitioner learns to conquer their self, which loses its hands once unleashed.  That is the reason studying Karate has its multiple consequences in any era, especially during the adolescence.

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Our mind is a huge reservoir of countless potential. Like an atom that can cause a chain reaction when properly exploited, the teenager has boundless energy inside. Nowadays it becomes even more unutilized as a result of our sedentary life style. Moreover, our unhealthy food habits and the profuse overflow of disgusting and immoral aspects of visual media have their own negative impact compelling a teenager goes astray. Karate becomes a simple way to solve the teenager problems like delinquency, suicides, depression, diffidence, disobedience, truancy etc since Karate helps channelize their additional energy towards its fruitful realization.

The right and regular practice of Karate remove the toxins in the Body, then purify, activate and balance the actions of every tendon, joint, muscle and ligaments. Healthful body is a safe haven for a healthy head also. The different phases of Karate lessons ranging from White to Black Belt and Black to Red Belt help enhance the fitness of body, mind and soul. The Karate students unknowingly acquire the physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual aspects created by their practice.

Both components in Karate; Kata and Kumite are organized in such a manner that every stage of their mastery increases the soundness of body, soul and mind. Another invaluable ability in life that is supposed in karate classes for children is leadership with karate near me. In such classes, they are permitted to arrange people, lead actions and perform their best. When created early, this may be a focal point for your child. Later on, the kid can use this ability to fulfill future demands.

‘Kata’ is that the moves previously arranged to fight an imaginary Competition whereas Kumite is the use of those techniques when the true enemy attacks. A Karate student starts with their courses in basic methods of Blocks, Punches, Strikes and Kicks, then after having attained appreciable quality; learning is carried over to unravel the mysteries hidden in Kata.

During fighting or applying the Kata moves in Kumite, one gradually learns to conquer her or his self that is the invisible enemy. Few other fighting systems in the world begin by recognizing and respecting the competition. But one needs to cross the long trail of strenuous practice under an enlightened master to be able to burst the myth of his egoism.