April 7, 2022

For More Cabinet Security, Switch to Cabinet Locks

By John Vorhaus

Nowadays, there is a range of locks available that engineers manufacture; among them locks for cabinets is one. By incorporating a stainless steel lock, cabinet locks can protect commercial or residential interior spaces crafted meticulously for sustained use. Each file lock has a tumbler, like a door lock working in the same way. If the key is in the unlock position, it locks the cabinet in the same way before inserting the key.


  • Safe and reliable- The card reading process generally conforms to three times. Each card is burned along with an unchangeable unique number when it is delivered.
  • Easy to use- Writings and reading of non-contact IC cards are simple, failed to fix the position and direction, failed to contact with cabinet, failed to produce electric shock risk, and the cardholder’s easy to use.


  • A Cam lock is manufactured of a cylindrical keyhole base, and a metal piece called a cam sits perpendicularly at the end of the base.
  • Double door lock- It can lock two cabinet doors with one turn-key. On one door, the lock is installed, and on the other door, the strike plate is mounted.
  • A deadbolt lock is mainly installed in a single cabinet door and drawer.
  • Side-mounted multi-drawer lock is generally installed in a drawer cabinet of 3.


It can be concluded that most cabinets have a lock which is vital to secure the items stored. It combines unparalleled quality and businesses and homes security.