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Best hard drive for PS4 you can buy in 2018

Data is stored on hard drive, which can be retrieved at any time. Hard drive comprises of hard disks, which are primarily used to store data. All your folders and files are actually stored on hard disks housed inside a hard drive. A hard drive is only a little bit larger than your hand but it can store massive amount of data. A small hard drive can store data ranging from 100 GB or more. It totally depends upon you and your requirement like what capacity hard drive you want. Data in the range of TB (Tera Bytes) is also available nowadays.

What is the need of best hard drive for PS4?

If you are having a high-end PS4 then chances are pretty high that you are always crammed up for space. You need more and more space all the time. An active gamers’ life is more of fun and frolic if we see it from gamers’ point of view. Your PlayStation system is a resource crunching machine and the same stands true for hard drive as well. The more space you have, the more space you need. It’s an unending chain wherein you need to upgrade your hard disk every now and then. Well, it won’t be that frequent but yes, the need will be there. Your top AAA games need more storage space than you can think. And once you exhaust your space then you need to get some extra space, which is possible by getting yourself a hard disk.


You need to get an awesome hard drive for yourself if you wish to enjoy your PS4 play experience. There are in fact a large variety of drives available out there in the market. You need to make a wise choice as per your need and budget. You don’t need to spend big bucks on buying a hard drive for yourself but still emphasis should be more on quality. Eventually quality will supersede over any other aspect you may be having in your mind. So what’s your criterion for buying a hard drive for your PS4? Definitely space is the first and foremost criteria when you are buying a hard drive for your PS4. Second criteria which most of the gamers consider while buying hard drive for themselves is money. If you go for best drive, then it might be costly and may not suit your pocket. If you are a hardcore then definitely you should go for costly hard drives.

Best PS4 external hard drive

  • WD My Passport 4 Tb portable hard drive

You can store a massive amount of data on WD My Passport hard drive. WD My passport hard drive is from Western Digital Company, which is a world leader in hard drive solutions. Videos, photos, and music you love – all can be stored in this hard drive. It comes in vibrant fun colors and can be used to take your data backup. You can take this hard drive everywhere you go or you can just attach it to your PS4 and let it stay there. Its form factor is very small; it just fits in the palm of your hand. Password protection with hardware encryption, auto back up with included WD backup software, easy and ready to use are some of the features that make it perfect buying option for your PS4 back needs.


  • Samsung SSD T5 500 GB

Samsung SSD T5 is a gem of hard drives that elevates data transfer speed like anything. This external storage device is used for many applications and it can be used for your PS4 as well. It stores data securely and all the data that is being stored in this hard drive is password protected. Its design is durable and compact so that you can use it freely as and when required. The data transfer speed that’s provided by this hard drive is whopping 540 MB/s so that you enjoy your games uninterrupted. With USB 3.1 Gen2 interface and V-NAND flash memory your experience of using this hard drive will be ecstatic and out of the world.

  • Seagate STEB6000403 6Tb HDD

If you need extra storage for your PS4 then go for Seagate STEB and enjoy your play. The best part with this hard drive is that your system performance would not be compromised. If you want easier installation then Seagate STEB is best suited for you. You don’t need any software to install – just plug it and go. The STEB has got quite fast transfer speeds so you need not worry about the speed issues. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, both the versions are supported so that you get high speeds with minimum entanglements. Use Seagate expansion and immediately enhance your storage.

  • Adata SD700 SSD

Adata SD is IP68 water and dust proof so it’s basically quite durable and tough. Not many SSD’s are of this standard so if you are looking for an affordable hard drive with high durability then you should go for Adata SD. It’s equipped with 3D NAND flash technology so it’s basically fast and rugged. It’s loaded with a host of innovative features so that you get quality at affordable price. Endurance, performance, convenience – that’s what Adata SD is made up of. You won’t regret your decision to buy Adata SD for your PS4 as an external drive. Its 440 Mbps write and read is going to stun you and will make sure that you are on right track.

  • Toshiba 1 Tb Canvio Basics

To use Toshiba Canvio is one of the easiest ways that can be found with any of the hard drive available out there in the market. If you want to enhance your PS4 storage capacity then it’s one the simplest storage solutions available. It’s out of the box design to make sure that you just need to connect it to your PS4 USB port and you are all set. The best part with using this hard drive is that you have absolutely no software to install and it’s all inbuilt.


The PlayStation 4 or ps4 is the hard drive introduced in the market by the electronic major Sony in competition to Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch in Japan and Xbox One of Microsoft. But it has been agreed by the PlayStation enthusiasts about the substandard quality and poor performance of Playstation4. The technical specialists have found that ps4 is slow small and now obsolete.

That is the reason it has become inevitable to replace the hard drive of the ps4 with a new advanced and technically more suitable hard drive which may meet the expectation of the game lovers. By replacing the hard drive of ps4 with an updated latest hard drive of will make the experience of the gaming enthusiasts much satisfying. Many benefits come along with choosing an advance hard drive like playing games online or remotely.

The ps4 contains a mechanical hard drive as the primary storage device that is HGST Travelstar Z5K500 configured with SATA II.

So now let us see which are the best options available now for ps4 Internal HDD upgrade. Here, we will present the technical specifications and pros and cons of the latest and the best ps4 Internal Hard Drives.

  1. Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD

The drive belongs to the SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) category. Though SDD (Solid State Drive) has the most superior performance but it has a SATA III interface. But ps4 has a SATA II interface. In this case, SSHD is recommended which gives a conventional HDD memory of 2TB and near the performance of SSD up to the tune of 80%. This gives the users a vast storage space of 2TB and 8GB storage capacity of SSD.


Fastest 2.5 Inch PC compute and gaming Hard Drive in a market, all within a thin 7mm z-height.

The 2TB capacity can store up to 80 games of 25GB each.

Flash-accelerated technology delivers up to 5 times faster load times for nonstop performance, play and productivity compared to standard HDD.

Adaptive Memory technology efficiently identifies frequently accessed data to allow quicker operations.

Multi-tier caching technology (mtc) boosts the performance, helping applications and files load faster (i.e. 128mb cache buffer in the 1st tier and 8 GB NAND SSD memory in the 2nd tier).

SATA III interface

5400rpm spindle speed

5-year limited warranty

Other Sizes

Seagate Firecuda 2.5-inch Gaming SSHD comes in 3 different sizes: 500 gb, 1 tb and 2 tb.

Full Upgrade Kit

, in addition to the above drive it consists of a complete upgrade kit like “Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit” that includes, everything needed for a hassle-free upgrade process.


  • It is much cheaper than a SSD.
  • It is light weight.
  • Can fit into 7mm and 9.mm configuration laptop.
  • The security can be enhanced to a premium level.


  • The performance is not as good as SSD.
  • Uses obsolete architecture.


  1. Seagate 2TB Laptop HDD ST2000LM007

2TB model weighs just 90 grams and is 7mm thick. That is 25% lighter than the competitor model. It can fit into any laptop designed for SATA drives. It can survive an operating shock of up to 400Gs and non-operating loading of 1000Gs.

It costs less than £100.

In terms of security, the Mobile HDD comes standard with Trust Computing Group (TCG) Opal protocol and Instant Secure Erase Technology.


  • Capacities
  • 2TB (ST2000LM007)
  • Halogen Free
  • Performance
  • Cache: 128MB
  • Max Sustainable Transfer Rate: 140MB/s
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Power Management
  • Average Operating Power: 1.7W
  • Idle Average (W): 0.5W
  • Standby/Sleep Mode: 0.6W/0.6W
  • Environmental/Temperature
  • Temperature, Operating: 0ºC~60ºC
  • Temperature, NonOperating: -40ºC~70ºC
  • Environmental/Shock
  • Shock, Operating/NonOperating, 2ms/1ms (max): 400Gs/1000Gs
  • Environmental/Acoustics
  • Idle (typical): 2.4bels
  • Operational (typical): 2.6bels
  • Reliability
  • Load/Unload Cycles: 600,000
  • Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max: 1 per 10E14
  • Annualized Failure Rate (AFR): 0.48%
  • Physical
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 7.00mm x 69.85mm x 100.35mm (0.276in x 2.750in x 3.951in)
  • Weight: 90g (0.198lb)
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Low cost
  • Offers slim design and slightly faster performance than prior 2TB HDDs


  • Likely limited to capacity or secondary drive use cases based on performance.


  1. Seagate 2TB laptop HDD ST2000LM007

 Seagate Laptop SSHD Specifications

  • Form factor: 9.5mm (7mm for 500GB)
  • Model Name: Laptop SSHD
  • Capacities: 1TB, 500GB
  • Standard Model: ST1000LM014
  • Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Model: ST1000LM015
  • SED-FIPS 140-2 Model: ST1000LM028
  • Interface: SATA 6.0/3.0/1.5Gb/s NCQ
  • Performance Versus 2.5-in. 5400-RPM/7200-RPM HDD:
  • Windows 7 Boot Time: 35% Faster/25% Faster
  • Applications Load Test: 450% Faster/300% Faster
  • Game Load Test: 140% Faster/50% Faster
  • Configuration/Organization
  • Heads/Disks: 4/2
  • Bytes per Sector: 4096
  • Power Supply Requirements: +5V
  • Reliability/Data Integrity:
  • Head-Rest Method: QuietStep Ramp Load
  • Load/Unload Cycles: 600,000
  • Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max: 1 per 10E15
  • Predicted Annualized Failure Rate (AFR): 0.48%
  • Power Management
  • Power, Seek, Typical (W): 2.7
  • Power, Idle, Typical (W): 0.9
  • Environmental:
  • Temperature, Operating (°C): 0 to 60
  • Temperature, Nonoperating (°C): −40 to 70
  • Shock, Operating: 2ms (Gs): 350
  • Shock, Nonoperating: 1ms (Gs): 1000
  • Acoustics, Idle, Typical (bels—sound power): 2.2
  • Acoustics, Seek, Typical (bels—sound power): 2.7
  • Physical
  • Height (mm/in, max), Standard and SED Models: 9.5/0.374
  • Height (mm/in, max), FIPS Model: 9.5/0.374
  • Width (mm/in, max): 69.85/2.75
  • Depth (mm/in, max): 100.35/3.95
  • Weight (g/lb): 115 /0.25 4
  • Limited Warranty (years): 3


  • It is much cheaper than a SSD.
  • Best of both speed and capacity in a 2.5 inch form factor.
  • Fits in well in most of the mounting conditions.
  • Throughput shows the Seagate 1TB with 252.59 IOPS in write.
  • The 4K write latency for Seagate 1TB SSHD had a leading average latency of just 3.954ms while max latency hit 1,417.754ms.
  • Seagate 1TB SSHD has an initial IOPS of 58.63 and a terminal IOPS of 106.63.


  • It has just 99.37MB/s read and 99.54MB/s write.
  • The random transfer performance is down at 43.03MB/s compared to other competitor.
  • In smaller 4K random transfers, the Seagate 1TB recorded reads and write of 0.197MB/s and 0.986MB/s respectively.
  1. Samsung 860 EVO Specifications

Form factor:       2.5-inch

Interface:            SATA: 6 Gbps

NAND:  Samsung 3D V-NAND 3bit MLC

Capacities:          4TB, 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, 250GB

Cache:                 1GB LPDDR4 (1TB)

Controller:          Samsung MJX Controller


  • Read/Write Speed: Up to 550/520MB/s
  • Read/Write Speed (QD32): Max. 98K IOPS / 90K IOPS
  • Device Sleep: 6 mW for 1TB (Up to 8mW for 4TB)
  • Management SW: Magician Software for SSD management

TBW (Endurance):           1TB: 600 TBW


Warranty:            5 years or up to 2,400 TBW


  • Much more power efficient
  • Silky smooth operation as system drives
  • 3-year warranty
  • Competitive price


  • Performance is lacking in consumer benchmarks.
  • RAPID mode is available in Windows only.
  • The lower capacity M.2. SSD decreases the writing performance when pushed very hard.
  • No PCIe support hence will not work in many motherboards.
  1. Western Digital Black 6TB WD6001FZWX

 WD Black 6TB Specifications

  • Model number: WD6001FZWX
  • Interface SATA 6 Gb/s
  • Formatted capacities: 6TB, 5TB, 4TB, 3TB
  • Form factor: 3.5-inch
  • Advanced Format (AF)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Performance
  • Data transfer rate (max)
  • Buffer to host: 6 Gb/s
  • Host to/from a drive (sustained): 218MB/s
  • Cache (MB): 128
  • Rotational speed (RPM): 7200
  • Reliability/Data Integrity
  • Load/unload cycles: 300,000
  • Non-recoverable read errors per bits read: <1 in 1014
  • Power Management:
  • Average power requirements (W):
    • Read/Write: 10.6
    • Idle: 7.6
    • Standby/Sleep: 1.6
  • Environmental Specifications:
  • Temperature (°C):
    • Operating: 5 to 55
    • Non-operating: -40 to 70
  • Shock (Gs):
    • Operating (2 ms, write): 30
    • Operating (2 ms, read): 65
    • Non-operating (2 ms): 300
  • Acoustics (dBA):
  • Idle: 31
  • Seek (average): 34
  • Limited warranty (years): 5


  • Overall performance is much better compared to the previous model.
  • 50% storage capacity boost over the previous generation model.
  • A good combination of price/performance/capacity.


  • Ranked under the 4TB in some of the workloads

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