True Love Movies With Story Flow In Telugu Mehabooba
October 19, 2020

True Love Movies With Story Flow In Telugu: Mehabooba

By John Vorhaus

Mehabooba is a south indian romantic drama movie that plays in the midst of the indo-pak war zone. It was written by PuriJagannadh, Thatavarthi Kiran, A. Sreedhar and directed by PuriJagannadh. This is a debut film of Puri’s son Aakashpuri and his efforts have proved to be energetic. This is an intense romantic film that gives you the feel of a classical love story in indian film industry. It is a true love movie with a story flow in telugu and you can watch movies online on Aha movies.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: AkashPuri

Actress: Neha Shetty

Other actors: PramodChowdary, SreedharAr, Uday Kumar Bagavathula

Director: PuriJagannadh

Art Director: Shaik Jonny

Banner: PuriJagannadh Touring Talkies

Producer: Purijagannadh, Charmy Kaur

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Cinematography: Vishnu Sarma

Editing: Junaid Siddiqui

Written By: PuriJagannadh, Thatavarthi Kiran, A. Sreedha

True Love Movies With Story Flow In Telugu Mehabooba

Other information:

Runtime:  2h 32min

Release date: 11 May 2018

Genre:  Action, Drama, Romance


The story revolves around a couple who were aparted due to the war in their childhood and live their own life separately. Roshan played by AkashPuri, a young and full of energy and emotion guy aims to become a part of the army to save the nation from external forces especially pakistan. Meanwhile, Afreen will be sent to a new place to continue her further studies and both meet as they reside in the same city. As they meet and talk frequently, they slowly fall for each other and get to know that they used to be in love with each other in childhood but war made them depart to different places which has been an end that time. They will realize that fate has given them another chance to be together again and as they live in the war zone, they fear what they expect has come and what they will do to not lose each other in the midst of such a war zone is the beauty of the story and their relationship.

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has the best story! A story based on pure love and everlasting emotion! This is a soldier’s love and his fight to make his love win.
  • Based on this series, direction has become a crazy task to accomplish, direction was done excellently! It’s just soo close to perfect.
  • Music played a very crucial role in each and every scene of the movie. It gives a better understanding and emotion when watching the movie.
  • Locations! They were soo realistic and nice. The whole movie was made outdoors at the borders, soo it was pleasant to watch.

Reasons to watch:

  • This movie has a very pure kind of relationship which everyone wants to respect and appreciate.
  • Watch this movie to fall in love and respect its nature and culture.
  • You can get the zeal for love.

This film will give you the chills as it shows the best emotion any other love story could offer. It is a must watch film if you love love stories as it is true love movies with story flow in telugu and you can watch mehbooba movie online on aha movies.