Painting Services Singapore.
January 15, 2022

The Importance of Interior Decoration By A Reliable Painting Services Singapore

By John Vorhaus

The moment you start planning to have a home you have been dreaming of right from your childhood, you get hold of those interior decorators, house planners, architects designing and layout, furniture and what not. It looks like you have been waiting for your home since a long time. And now that time has come.

The Process

The painting process of an interior is mostly done by reliable painting services Singapore. It follows the following process

  • Covered – The items in the room, especially the furniture, is moved away from the walls to be painted, into the middle of the room. They will be found to get covered with plastic and drop sheets.
  • Setup – The destined areas are covered with drop clothes. The tools and equipment are arranged and organised throughout the duration of the project. Extra lighting is also arranged for intricate areas.
  • Filling – The walls and surfaces are checked for gaps, holes, cracks. If found, they are filled and surfaces are sanded. The surfaces are properly vacuumed with dust, if any, before the application of paint.
  • Primer and paint – A primer is used on the wall to ensure good adhesion of the paint to the wall. One can brush and roll the first coat of paint from top to down. Once the first coat dries up, sanding is done so that projections, if any, can be removed.
  • Clean up – Once the paint is complete, all plastic and drop sheets are removed.

The aesthetics of the house depends on how good you want to make it look.