My name is Harry, and I am really addicted towards the games as firstly enjoy to play outdoor games but as the time passes I got really much towards the indoor games and the main concern was the video games and the first game I played was Mario as the time changes I got shifted towards the sega and really it was a fun playing wrestling at that time with a good superstar like joker, Ramon razor, Shawn Michaels.

Than I bought a PlayStation 1 and this console brought a new revolution as this was very good and one day when the PlayStation 2 was released i told my father that I want this but my father refused to give but I was not disappointed as I daily go to play game at Gamestation as I think I was really made for games I really love the games like cricket, FIFA, and medal of honour at that time.

As in the modern era, the games and the gaming consoles are built with high-quality graphics because of the increase in demand for gaming.

I really stick towards the PlayStation because it is really good and giving a good console and games at a regular time.

I really love to compare the consoles before going to buy it as it is the mentality of every person in the world as all compare the things before buying as now the question arises what is comparison means it is that quality which the console offer you about the display, its specification and much more.

As I discuss the latest extension of the Sony PlayStation company as now all world like to play the online gaming more as the sony is the one and the only one company which offer you best online experience as I also play on regular basis.

Second thing as I share my all the gaming with my friends by the means of sharing button which is only available on Sony PlayStation.

These all things were the main reason and my life experiences about the gaming which inspired me to share through this blog.

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