What is psn and how you can create psn account?

Guide you about What is a psn? and how you can create psn account on ps4,computer,ps3 and psp?

Playstation network (psn) is an online service released in 2006 by the sony interactive entertainment. It was originally designed for the PlayStation video games console but soon it extended its limitation and make an entry for smartphones, blue-rays, smart televisions and tablets.

Psn account is devoted as an online marketplace (PlayStation Store)

With the help of this service, gamers can enhance the experience of gaming.

It has over 80 million, active users, monthly.

It has some exciting features like-:

  • PlayStation Plus

  • PlayStation Video

  • PlayStation Vue

  • PlayStation Music

  • PlayStation Now

  1. PlayStation Plus – Playstation plus is a special service that enhances that how you can create psn account as Sony has explained why playstation plus subscription is necessary to play ps4 titles online.

As for the ps3 sony doesn’t charge you a single penny for having experience of online gaming on ps3 but there is an exception if you wanna use it for the ps4 you have to pay 50$ per year.

2. PlayStation Video – Playstation Video is a platform created by sony entertainment to view latest movies and TV shows on PlayStation 4 and is also the best place to live streaming shows and movies purchased from PlayStation Store.

Even with that you can also get ps video app for the ios and android and can experience the latest stream of movies and Tv shows and even with the help of that, you can download movies and Tv shows also.

3. PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue is the live streaming Tv service where you can watch sports, news, and your must-watch favorite shows you can even get powerful cloud DVR with this you can stream five devices at once.

You will get multiple channels on PlayStation Vue name as-:

AMC, Animal planet,Bravo,Cartoon network,CNBC,CNN Destination america,Discovery,Discovery Family,Diseney channel,Disney Junior,Disney XD,diy network,ESPN,ESPN2,Food Network,Fox Business,Fox news channel,FREEFORM,FX,FXX,HGTV,HLN and much more.

The PlayStation vue has different plans and the cost of plans also differ with a plan you use.

The plan as follows Access level you will get in 39.99$ per month, 2ND level plan is core where you will have to pay 44.99$ per month,3 rd level plan is elite for which you have to play 54.99$ per month and the last plan is ultra for which you have to pay 74.99$ per month.

4. PlayStation Music – Playstation Music is a partner service by Spotify means you should use of having Spotify on your PlayStation where you can listen to the latest music but with the ps3 you can only listen to the music but for the pos4 you can simultaneously play games while you are enjoying the music.

5. PlayStation Now – Playstation Now is the service which streams hundreds of games ON demand this is the only service which allows you to play older ps3 games on ps4.

The subscription cost for a new user is 9.99$ per month and for the older user the cost is 20.99$ per month and even you can get the yearly pack around 99.99$ per year.

Now we will learn how to create a PlayStation Network account.

PSN account can be created in Four ways.

1. How to create psn account on ps4?

2. How to create psn account on ps3?

3. How to create psn account on pc?

4. How to create psn account on psp?

Firstly you have to make a ps4 connection with psn network and for that, you have to set up an internet connection and must have to follow steps.

Firstly you have to notice that you are building a connection by Wi-fi or by LAN cable then select the Settings option > then select network > then set up an internet connection and then follow the instruction on the screen to configure network settings.

Full step by step instructions to make a psn account?

  1. Step – First of all you have to turn on the console by clicking PlayStation button which is in the middle of your DualShock controller and then click on the new User.

2. Step – Then select Create a User option which is on the screen right in front of you or even you can mark you as a guest user after that you have to accept the user agreement.

3. Step – Then link on to your psn account means if you have ever made an account on ps3 or ps vita for psn you can sign in to that and can port it into ps4 if you don’t have any psn account then create a new one.

4. Then there would an optional option to sign up for PlayStation plus that is not mandatory you can even skip that and do it later on.

5. Mark the console as you primary PlayStation 4 means mostly you are using this account in a home so that you have to activate that device as primary console for your psn account with the help of this you can sign in to your psn account by standing in front of the camera or by voice.

6. Then even you can add Face data to your account.

If you are creating a new psn account?

Follow these steps -:

  1. Step – Enter your country, language and date of birth even with that you have to enter your city, state and postal code as well.
  2. Step –  Enter your email address and password than mark the checkbox you wanna mark than click on next.
  3. Step – Create an online id for psn where you have to fill up your first and last name and even you can add your profile picture also.
  4. Step – You can connect psn account with your Facebook account and your username and profile picture will automatically be taken from facebook.
  5. Step – Choose privacy setting for your psn account with this you can decide who can see your list of psn friend in that you will get an option like anyone, friends to friends, friends only or no one.
  6. Step – Choose your social settings
  7. The last step is to accept a term of services and user agreement.

2. How to create playstation network account on ps3?

  1. Step – You have to choose PlayStation network from the menu.
  2. Step – Then click on sign up and create a new account.
  3. Step – Then select your country, language, and date of birth.
  4. Step – Then accept a term of services and user agreement you have to do it twice.
  5. Step – Fill out your email address and password for your new psn account and hit on continue.
  6. Step – Then you have to fill your public psn id.
  7. Step – Then you have to select your name and gender.
  8. Step – After that, you have to fill out your street address and other necessary information.
  9. Step – After that, you will see a notification that whether you want important news and special offers from PlayStation network if you want you to have this service then you have to click on enable otherwise hit on disable.
  10. Step – Then you have to scroll through your summary that all the information you have provided is correct if you wanna edit you can do it.
  11. Step – Click confirm button to submit all the information.
  12. Step – After all the work you will have to open your email where Sony has sent you verification link you have to open it and get verified.
  13. Step – Select the proceed to PlayStation Store and have to log in to your new psn network account.

3. Create a psn account on a computer?

  1. Step – First of all you have to visit sony entertainment network.
  2. Step – Create a new account.
  3. Step – Than you have to enter your personal details like location, email address, name, birth date, and password.
  4. Step – Then open up your email and verify the email which sony entertainment sent you.
  5. Step – Then open up the sony entertainment network website and click on continue.
  6. Step – Click on the updated account.
  7. Step – Upload your image.
  8. Step – Then you have to choose your existing online id.
  9. Step – Finish updating your psn network and press continue.
  10. Step – Now its all done you are ready to use your PlayStation network account.

4. How to create psn account PSP?

  1. Step – First of all you have to go on to your home screen of psp.
  2. Step – Then you have to press right on the D-Pad until the PlayStation network icon comes into play.
  3. Step – After that click on the D-PAD until you have selected the signup option then press ok and follow the instruction.
  4. Step – Account created now you are u are ready to go.

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