Sony playstation competitors

If we talk about the gaming world and the competitors in the market, competition is really hard to push back one who is really top in the ranking and make his place at the top. But we can say that sony is the one who has really marked his place at the top ranking from past decades as there are fewer competitors who are staying at that benchmark.

playstation competitors

But with the new invention, there are two gaming companies who are giving a good fight and running well from past years and adding new gaming consoles in the market as per the demand of the gamers.

These companies are named as Xbox and Nintendo who are the real competitors of ps 4.

Now it is the time to compare xbox vs playstation.

In this, we can compare PlayStation 4 vs xbox one and also playstation vs nintendo and know which one we should buy.

Lastest gaming consoles introduced by the xbox and nintendo companies are -:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One X
  • Nintendo switch

Xbox 360

ps4 console wars

Xbox is the first main competitors of PlayStation as we can compare xbox 360 vs playstation 3 older version of sony playstation.

Ok, let us talk about it.

X-Box 360 is much more than just a gaming console X-Box 360 brings the experience of an arcade and a simulated right into your living room giving a real-world experience with the help of interactive lighting and the sound making all the slow motion, action, fighting shoot incredibly real and intense and hence we can also say that sony is the biggest Xbox 360 competitor.

The 512 MB RAM which is eight times the memory of original X-Box and a 32-bit audio processor supporting 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround sound making it the best consideration for the high-performance gaming console.

X-Box 360 has a speed boosted by using a custom version of IBM’s Power PC chip with three cores.

It supports four wireless controllers along with 3 USB ports for connecting external devices .X-box 360 is an entire multimedia system wrapped in one package including the features of streaming a wide range of program from the internet accessing the social media, downloading video content, enjoying music and much more to explore.

It is a big entertainment package that will do a lot more the gaming does and goes above and beyond the normal expectation from a console.

As per the demand of the gamers, Xbox company has released a new gaming console with more specifications named as-:

Xbox One

competitors of sony company

Ok, let me start with this consoles!

Xbox One is the eighth generation gaming console introduced by Microsoft.This was originally introduced in the year 2014 and this is the first console which is released in China.

If we talk about the playstation 4 vs xbox one sales playstation is at the top but we can’t ignore xbox one also.

This console was introduced to compete with real competitors name as Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch.

Mainly we can say that it is there to compete with the PlayStation 4 whose sales were at the peak at that time.

If we talk about the specification it is good.

  • Xbox one has 1TB of storage capacity.
  • Xbox one supports the picture quality of 720 p and 1080 p which is good for gaming and has only one input which is HDMI cable.
  • It has a really good sound quality.
  • Xbox one has 1.31 teraflops which are less as compare to the Sony PlayStation but it’s still good.
  • It is the basically extended version of Xbox 360.

As there are much more releases day to day by Sony.

Xbox is the one who is actually trying to compete.

Now, we will talk about the latest console introduced by Microsoft.

Xbox One X

sony's competition

It is the upgraded version of Xbox One

It is introduced in the market with a higher specification than Xbox one.

This is introduced to compete with the Sony PlayStation 4 pro.

As now we can say that it gives a tough fight to the PlayStation 4 pro.

How is it more powerful than Sony PlayStation 4 pro in some specification?

  • It has 6 teraflops which is much more as compared to the Sony PlayStation 4 pro.
  • Xbox One X has Cpu with eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3Ghz.
  • Xbox One X has a faster processor GPU with 40 customised compute unit at 1172mhz which is really good for gaming.
  • Xbox One X 9GB Ram which is much more than Sony PlayStation 4 pro.
  • Its one of the main feature which is highlighted is Optical Drive because it is the first console which has 4K Blu ray.
  • It also gives support for 4k which is beneficial in high-quality graphics.

The feature Xbox doesn’t have which is only on Sony PlayStation.

It is not compatible with virtual reality games as this function is only available on PlayStation.

Now, lets we talk about the other competitor which is Nintendo switch.


sony playstation competitors

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational company which deals with the video games and consumer electronics developed in the year 1889 and converted into video game company in the year 1970  and successfully running till now and is also known for one of the best video game industry in the market and also the third most valuable company with the total earning of 1.469 trillion till now.

If we talk about nintendo vs playstation nintendo is growing fast these days.

What is Nintendo some may not know about that console?

Ok, let me start I would let you know! what are its benefits and why you should buy this gaming console and how it is different from all other gaming consoles

Nintendo is also like all other gaming consoles in the market.Support high-quality games and easily carried from one place to another and even you can putt it into your pocket that makes it special.

Specifications of Nintendo?

Nintendo display offers you 6.2 inches display with 1260 x 720 touch screen and also offers you the two detachable best joy controller dock on either side and can also be used by two separate players and even you can connect eight wireless control consecutively at one time of the Nintendo and also gives you 3 to 6 hours battery life while you are continuously playing the game.

Nintendo screen itself is 720p it is small but the screen colour calibrations has done a good job you will not notice it much as it doesn’t require any CD it probably works on game card and you can also connect Nintendo with your tv and can play without decreasing the quality of graphics which became possible because of the dock controller which make the screen resized.

So why to wait go to the market and buy this console that looks quite good.


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