Pubg ps4 release date and price

Pubg ps4

Some people have a question in mind that what is pubg ps4 release date?

After creating a lot of excitement to the gamers Now the wait is over as Sony officially announce that pubg ps4 release will be on December 7, 2018, but you can preorder it right now.

Pubg ps4 is a quite nice thinking of developers after getting a good response of the gamers which has played pubg on pc and Xbox and i think this game will come soon in top 10 ps4 games soon.

PUBg on ps4 as ceo chang Han Kim said that he is really excited to announce that soon they will be part of Sony family as sony playstation has offered great games that have dominated the world since now but now it will be the time of player unknown battleground ps4.

The pubg launched on ps4 will have three maps




  1. Erangel is a map which is mostly played by the gamers on mobile this map area is the largest one and is also the first map that is inbuilt as game process other than that other two maps we have install.

Pros of Erangel

This map is the largest map.

Bushes and trees make great hiding places for a team to hide.

This map has a day and night version wherein night you should have a night vision camera and enjoy the game in a star as the morning awake is done by COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO.


As that is the largest map it is really difficult to revive a player that is wounded by the enemies.

  1. Miramar is the chart inbuilt in ps4 but to play we have a download that Miramar is the second largest map in pubg that is basically loved buy sniper shoot.

Pros of Miramar

Miramar is good for snipper shooting there is no grass or bushes where a person can hide.


Miramar is bad because enemies can locate you easily

  1. Sanhok is the map which is mostly liked by professional gamers because that is the smallest in an area but where all there are enemies and you can obtain maximum kills in this map only.

Pros of sanhok

Sanhok is good for all the guns and it is the map which has Bootcamp where a lot of the players love to drag down their parachute in this location because here only you find a maximum enemy.


Not good for players who love to fire at enemy straight away.

There are three different pre-order bundles of Pubg for playstation 4  each has its own reward and specialty, all of the playstation players will get the special theme game items of uncharted and last of us, items that you will be getting is Nathan Drake outfit and Ellie’s backpack.

Pubg ps4 price may vary accourding to edition.

Looter’s edition

Type – base game

Pubg ps4 price – 30$

Survivor edition

Type – Normal gameplay

Pubg ps4 price – 50$

Additional – It comes with the survivor pass vikendi also available separately which offers fans to claim the rewards in the game this pack also include 2300 coins and 20000 bp which helps to buy clothes and other accessories in the game.

Champion’s edition

Type – Professional

Pubg ps4 price – 60$

Additional – also have survivor pass vikendi but it has 6000 g coins which are more than Survivor edition but bp remain same 20000 bp.

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