ps4 accessories must have in 2019

We offer you must have accessories for ps4 -:

Vertical stand and cooling fan 

ps4 accessories

It is the stand which lies vertically on your table and even with it you save a lot of space in your room It has a lot of specialties, that it can even cool your PlayStation consoles while you are playing it.Even you can also look for the Top 10 games for PlayStation 4.

Dual Shock wireless console

ps4 accessories

PlayStation 4, slim and pro remote is available in multiple colors like jet black, blue, red, silver, gold and even you can have a dark black console.

It has a two analogs and triggers button which are really soft comfortable and responsive. We have ever used and in this, you also have a special button for sharing with which you can even share your gaming experience with friends.

So why to wait to grab this easy handling remote because in every game playing remote matters a much more than anything.

Dual LED fast charging charger station

ps4 accessories

In this, you can charge your controller much faster than any other charger you use it comes with a USB dock stand where you can place your remote control and charge.

It has two indicator lights with which you can notice that controller is low or fully charged if there is green light than the controller charging is full and other than if it is red light it means it has a low battery.

AC power cord cable 

ps4 accessories

This power code cable is specially made for the ps4, slim and pro and have an equal quality as the Sony cable have and used by many trusted customers it works fine while powering ps4 and it is more durable as compare to sony power cord cable.

So why to wait, grab this at less price. 

Wireless headphones for PlayStation 4

ps4 accessories

We offer you to get wireless headphones for Ps4, Ps4 slim, Ps4 pro.

Wireless headphone for ps 4 comes in different colors and having clear clarity of hearing a sound while playing games and even when if you are playing online gaming it gives you clarity of sound from your friend also.

Grab this ps 4 headsets at a discounted offer.

Multifunctional case carrying PlayStation 4 bag

ps4 accessories

It is basically PlayStation 4 travel bag where you can put your console and even remote and all other accessories when you are going out from your home.

Skins for PlayStation 4

ps4 accessories

We offer you different types of PlayStation 4 skin covers for your console there are a lot of skins available in the market and you can buy and paste it on your console and remote with which your game look more attractive.

Before buy, PlayStation accessories read this carefully because we promise you the quality.

Sony PlayStation move twin pack

ps4 accessories

There are lots of games you can play without the controller and gamepad it is a PlayStation 4 official accessories in this you will have a controller move motion and PlayStation camera which can be easily used when connected with you ps 4 consoles.

Its simply used by grabbing both move motion controller in your hand and has a nice control on its motion and sensing capabilities.

It has some special buttons like-:

  • Dedicated triggers
  • Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock and action buttons

Special feature

It can also be configured with the PlayStation VR so you can enjoy the motion games with virtual reality games.

For adding a fun to your gaming experience you have to buy this.

PlayStation 4 camera

  • Telecast yourself in a play with PlayStation camera it works with the motion controller and gives you the realistic view by grabbing motion controller in your hand and make the motion controller smarter with its senses and voice recognition.
  • PlayStation camera makes a group sensation by making a  picture in picture video of yourself in a gameplay live streams.
  • Playstation camera has four built-in microphones from where you can voice chat with your friends and competitors.
  • It has a 3d depth-sensing camera from this you can navigate your PlayStation 4 system by voice and face recognition.

Playseat project car racing cockpit

ps4 accessories

If we talk about the Sony PlayStation 4 accessories The playseat project car comes into mind it is adjustable chair which offers you the superior quality and also coated with awesome colors which give it a good effect of experiencing the driving by sitting on a chair in your home.

It has a special black frame effect which is used in most of the real racing cars.

Project cars are so comfortable so that every member of your house can enjoy this chair either its adult or children.

This project car has a unique foldable design means it can be adjustable at any position and take less space in your house.

It is not only compatible with PlayStation 4 it can also be used with Xbox and pc.

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