New ps4 consoles

The best gaming console gives you well-organized form of play which allows you to grab an enjoyable moment and also releases your stress, hence these things make your life more interesting as games are not only used to enjoy but it also enhanced your practical and learning skill which benefits you in your daily life.

How we look at modern era games and PlayStation video games!

Modern era games can be played for enjoyment and can also be played to earn the rewards.Though gamers gaming experience, as who is more gameaholic, use to see the game as dream, imagination and thinking of viewing world in his own way comes true.

Have new gaming inventions change the thinking of gamers!

Off course yes,  now invention in gaming world breaks all of his locks of thinking and creating the games as now games released in the market are more likely to have really high-quality graphics and even gives you support for 4k quality and with new additions in gaming console we can say that the gaming world is polished day by day and makes the gamers stunned by the invention by releasing best games consoles ever and also get information about latest playstation console you can buy in 2018.You can also look for the right competitors of PlayStation.

Today the new ps4 consoles which are dominating world are -:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 pro
  • PlayStation 4 slim

PlayStation 4 console

It is one of the cheap ps4 consoles because of its older version but one of the best gaming console of all time.

new ps4 console

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Let us talk about sony ps4 console!

PlayStation 4 console game is the 8th generation video game console which offers you to experience the game in another way of graphics it is the unmatched name in offering best gaming experience and unbeatable till now by any other video gaming consoles.

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When was the PlayStation 4 introduced and what are its features?

This gaming console developed by Sony interactive entertainment in the year 2013, November. Really likely to top the market in no mean of time and this is the console which gives you a vivid view of experience with 100 percent compatible high-quality graphics which means you can enjoy all the games which require a high platform to work.

There is no issue of memory now!

Earlier games released in a market has up to 80 Gb space?  Is it sufficient? We can say it, NO, but now the ps4 sony console has overcome this issue because it comes with inbuilt sony ps4 500gb console 500 Gb hard drive this means you don’t need to worry about the space. If still, you want more space it also comes with 1 Tb hard drive and we think that is more than enough.

PlayStation 4 helps you to share your gaming experience on social media, Now the question arises? how! for that read below paragraph.

PlayStation 4 next-generation game have a sharing button which gives you more excitement because you can also  share your moments with friends by the means of social media like facebook and twitter it also have Game DVR which gives you an option to save at least last fifteen minutes gameplay in which you can take the screenshot and can also edit the video by using Ustream and Twitch streaming services, by which you can also share live gameplay with friends.

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PlayStation 4 pro console

new ps4 console

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Its new PlayStation 4 console and it is the one and the only latest upgraded version of PlayStation 4 new ps4 consoles.

How it differs from Playstion 4?

New playstation 4 console pro is a big pile of incredible performance which gives you the feeling of a new console encapsulating the 4K gaming feature making the PlayStation 4 pro twice as fast as PlayStation 4 and also makes ps four Pro the best twice in the terms of gaming graphics which currently possible on a home console.

This ps4 new console has universal serial bus it means you can connect the external device to the internet.

PlayStation 4 pro has refined! what a “console” actually means with added power and complexity to console equation, at a reasonable price 399$ which includes playstation pro 1tb gaming console means you will be getting nice big 1TB hard drive along with an extra USB play and optical out.

Sony PlayStation 4 pro specifications!

  • There is no better way of spending $399 on gaming hardware like a Ps4 pro which makes the 4K  gaming a real experience, with much better graphics.
  • Ps4 pro being 2.28 times faster than the Ps 4 on paper with added improvements including a double sized version of the original PlayStation 4.
  • GPU along with CPU and RAM running much faster with an extra 1GB of RAM available for application to keep the 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM mostly free for games.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro offers you the 4 stream without any interruptions.
  • It has a special function related to the PSVR as all these 8 generation consoles has PSVR but in case of PlayStation 4 pro, it has enhanced PSVR.
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PlayStation 4 slim console

new ps4 console

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PlayStation 4 has been replaced by the new slimmer PlayStation 4 slim.

Major thing introduced in Play Station slim 4 is storage, it comes with more inbuilt storage than the playstation 4 has and more excitedly is that the price has not been changed.

PlayStation 4 slim have not much difference in the functionality from playstation 4 but if we talk about the physical standard Play Station slim raises his hand first to go for it.

It comes with the same price as PlayStation 4 original has-:

  • Cost of sony PlayStation 4 slim is 299$.
  • It has a storage of 500 Gb and can also vary up to 1 Tb.
  • It does not have an optical output that means you have to use HDMI cable instead of using Optical out. So, you need not think and worry about this as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro have this cable.
  • It does not offer you the 4k streaming as this function is only available PlayStation 4 pro.
  • It gives you the support for PSVR(Playstation virtual reality games).

Ps4 vs Ps4 slim vs Ps4 pro 

Which one should I buy, now the question arises in your mind?

Ok, need not be confused, I would let you know that which console is best for you and where you would get best deals!

Let, get started to choose best ps4 console for you from these three PlayStation.

Firstly the thing you want to compare is specification ok let’s see that -:

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Now, I think your mind is clear to go for best deals for online console -:

  • PlayStation 4 – PlayStation 4 is the older version of all but not too much old that you should not go for it.As that console offer you the good quality and gives you satisfaction without spending much money from your pocket.

You can get a high discount as it is the first edition.

So why to wait just click and grab exited deals on this console.

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  • PlayStation 4 slim – Ps 4 slim offers you the lightweight console and even smaller, smatter and lightweight than all other consoles as this the upgraded version of ps 4 it has all the features that ps 4 and even also consume less power consumption.

And more excitedly it comes with a bundle of free games and extra console.

Don’t wait to grab this deal until it finishes.

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  • PlayStation 4 pro – If we really talk about the 4k quality no console can beat the PlayStation 4 pro.As it offers enhanced features of PSVR, and if you are a big fan of virtual reality games you should go for this consoles because it really gives you the real experience to grab a PSVR and imagine you are really in the game.
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